Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Progress on my first 3D character

Having stacks of fun on this! Modified the standard Biped Rig in SoftImage, gave him eye controls, basic face shapes and textured him up! Now to start posing him for my assignment due in a week!

Neutral Pose

Angry. Probably my favourite pose.
Now he's just playing it up!

Also, blogger's image system is second only to Microsoft Word's for being COMPLETELY ANNOYING. I think I'm gonna have to start setting up my blogs in inDesign...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Masters First Quarter

Well, masters thus far has been predominantly practical, but all the thesis-y stuff is coming up rather rapidly, seeing as I've picked a topic, supervisor and some important readings already.

So in the meantime, I can offer some work samples of what I've gotten up to with my first 2 and a bit months of 3D animation:

Firstly, my first modelling assignment! I took a whole lot of pictures of my marker and made pretty much all the components separately. Being my first model there is PLENTY I would revisit if I decided to do this again. Still learnt a whole lot about naming and parenting all my components correctly, having made so many.

Then, my first texturing assignment. Having been giving a room with only the default grey material I opted to more or less copy the sort of features I find around my folks place (you know, still living with them and all as a broke post graduate student). Had a bit of fun with this one, but again, I've learnt so much more about texturing since this. The photo on the back wall was one of my own from Venice in 2010: The original Pic in my dA gallery

The next two shots are lighting exercises. We took the previously textured room and applying different lights to it to create various moods/times of day. This morning and night shot ended up being my favourite ones. The morning one was the most fun to do and needed the most lights, but I'm happy with the results.
The evening one was pretty fun too, as it entailed using my newly acquired modelling skills to create the lamp in the corner. Although I look back now and wonder why I was so thrilled! Tried to give the impression of some moonlight paired with a dim light in the room, as well as light from a room next door.

The next one was a three point lighting setup focussing on the wine glass in the room... take no notice of the shameless self promotion of my comic... Although I still have some issues for sale... you know... message me...

Lastly, my first 3D character! Still got a way to go, but he's looking pretty cool if I do say so myself! He's pretty much a simplified version of my usual style...

Anyway. most of my stuff for the introduction to 3D class involved rigging other people models, so I had no exciting pictures to post here... HOWEVER. I have got a shiny YouTube link to my Principles of Animation class:

Lastly, a few props I'm making in my spare time for my idea for a mid year exam. Looking at them again, I may start a couple of them again from the ground up.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Essay? What? Essays? Plural? They can wait.


Well, sort of. But I have enough time to sit and ACTUALLY jot a journal of what the past couple weeks have involved. After THIS I'LL STOP PROCRASTINATING AND ACTUALLY WORK ON MY CLASS WORK.

So, first quarter of masters has been pretty cool, learnt modelling, texturing, lighting, rigging, workspace setup/custom animation controls and character design in the space of 7 weeks... Aside from that I've sculpted a maquette of a MLP:FIM inspired bunny and started work on my proposal for my thesis. Next quarter entails animating a 10 second clip for a mid year exam and presenting a seminar on the original TRON. Plus a history of animation exam...

Which is to say, I'm hoping to upload work samples and showreel in the next week... when I eventually get through this selection of rather verbose academic reading...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

End of year final films...

Do excuse my radio silence! It's been a pretty crazy few months since rAge, focussing on my varsity work!

Firstly, my final film for TV Studies (Experimental Cinema) I created the film Odyssey. It was a collaborative project with Taryn Calverey, who was indispensable in the final narrative, editing and sound design. I primarily pitched the original concept after some brainstorming with Jess Wedepohl, but it really grew into a new beast in production. There after I handled the camera work and animation.

The film was shot on a Canon Power Shot SX210is, and the animation on the same camera. The animation was on a green screen and then composited onto the edit. The concept behind the film was to experiment with the form of the footage, changing and altering the aspect ratio to enhance a shots composition, but also to draw the viewers attention to specific points on the shot, not unlike a comic.

Odyssey won best Post Production at the University of Witwatersrand Tele Awards 2011.

My other project I completed for the animation component of my Digital Arts Honours degree was a "music video". We had to animate to a piece of music in After Effects CS5. I ran the idea of a trailer set up to my lecturer who told me to go for it! I opted to make the trailer for my webcomic, The Conspiracy. Unfortunately the comic itself has been on hiatus due to varsity, but I intend to finish it eventually!

The components were drawn by hand in blue mechanical pencil and 0.2 and 0.8 finliner, and coloured in Photoshop CS5. Thereafter the separate components were added to After Effects and rigged using layers and parenting.The music track and most importantly, the guitar riff, were used to time and influence the edit. Various scenes were pulled directly from the comic using frames as reference, where others were inspired by selected scenes.

Anyway. That being said, I've been accepted to do my Masters in Computer Animation next year, and I'm super amped to cut my teeth in some real 3D animation software (SoftImage). I'm hoping to barrel through many hours of tutorials in the summer break. I'm hoping I'll be allowed to use my research project from this year as the foundation for my thesis. If you wanna read more on that, be sure to drop by my Academia.edu page!

I believe that about covers it for now. Aside from the odd freelancing in the holidays I'm taking it easy until next year! Keep well all!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

rAge 2011: The Feedback Journal!

Copy pasted from my deviantART journal, on account of my to be mentioned zombified state...

I thought I'd post all this while the events of the weekend are still fresh in my head, although I am currently in a bit of a zombie state, I shall make this brief and be off to bed, the real world does unfortunately beckon tomorrow...

So being my first time on the artist alley (and in fact, manning any sort of stand flogging my wares since primary school market days!) was a little daunting, and I initially felt WAY out of my league looking at my neighbours, I sucked it up and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Feedback from passers by was good, I managed to more than cover my costs with sales and I have some kickass ideas for future artist alley adventures!

That being said, overall feedback on my comic was good, most people seemed pretty excited with it and it's concept! Although I definitely was over ambitious with the amount I ordered, so I intend to keep on selling them wherever and however I can! That's pretty much where my biggest financial loss came about (what with how much it cost to get them here in time!), but nothing I can't bounce back from after selling a few more!

Kinda sad I missed out on the cosplay contest this year while baby-sitting my stand, but I made a very slapdash attempt to go as Soap McTavish, so I hope to make something epic for next year, the cosplay level this year was amazing!

Was fantastic meeting some fellow Legionnaires and and deviants this weekend, the list is way to long for me to attempt without missing anyone! Hope to see you all around at future Legion Meets and online!

Photo's should be up on my Facebook in the near future for those that have me there, otherwise I hope all those who made it to rAge had a good time too! Although I suddenly have a bit of post-con-blues... it's weird that all that months of preparation is finished in a single weekend... whatever shall I do with the time...? I believe I was given a stern talking to by a local reader of my webcomic this weekend...

Big thanks to the admin of LegionInk, this year was only better than last year, and I'm super amped to see what you all pull off next!

Be sure to check out these links!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Countdown to rAge 2011: 4 days to go!

Right! So I'm finally ready for rAge 2011! My prints are printed, my canvases are painted, my old business cards are packed and ready to go and I still have two boxes of comics ready to see the light of day!

So as you see in the photo, here's my prints available (minus one which is the climactic page to my comic, and therefore, a spoiler!), as well as my Freeman canvases (only four available! Two orange and two blue!). I'm wearing my conbadge so y'all know what I look like and I'll be punting my comics! Yay!

Be sure to stop by and say hi, maybe peruse a print or two!

Check out the samples below!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So! My comics are here at last! All 200 of them with just over a week to spare til rAge 2011!

 I'll be exhibiting at the LegionInk artist alley, table number 4! Drop by and say hi, maybe give me a drink if I'm looking catatonic and dehydrated...

I'll have the comic for sale as well as a selection of prints, with me attempting to be brave and not make all of them furry related! Keep an eye on deviantART account for any official notice of what will be available as a print, but I may post it here too! I'll also be offering on the spot sketch commissions, but if you want something a bit more detailed be sure to bring a ref pic or pick up a business card to commission me later!